• Acetic Acid Bacteria

    Acetic Acid Bacteria is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research articles, reviews, brief reports and letters to the Editor in the areas of physiology, taxonomy, biochemistry, genetics, genomics, biotechnology and industrial applications of acetic acid bacteria. The journal aims to make significant contributions to basic knowledge as well as to applied field. Within that framework the publication of articles that report novel findings in support of the following subjects: acetic acid bacteria as biocatalysts, interactions with their environments, function as spoiling or intentionally added to foods, nitrogen-fixing activity and emerging roles (pathogenicity, discovery and exploitation of new metabolic activities) is encouraged. All published articles will then immediately distributed to CrossRef, DOAJ, and other available online indexes.

    Acetic Acid Bacteria is no longer open to new submissions. All papers that have been published will be permanently accessible under the terms of open access, both at: and via the Portico digital preservation service.

    PAGEPress would like to thank the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Maria Gullo, and the Editorial Board for all their efforts over the past years.

    Unfortunately, the number of authors in this field contributing to the journal was not as high as expected.

  • Advances in Oceanography and Limnology

    Advances in Oceanography and Limnology (AIOL Journal) is the official publication of the Premium HDMI DVI Audio Injector Encoder + HDMI Repeater Function (A.I.O.L.).

    The AIOL Journal publishes original research articles and reviews on different topics and novel discoveries in the fields of limnology and oceanography. Papers may deal with different or single physical, chemical and biological aspects, including biomolecules, populations and communities, ecosystem functioning and interactions between global change and ecosystems. Environmental monitoring and studies of regional importance will be considered only if they contribute to the general advance of aquatic sciences. Multidisciplinary articles linking different scientific disciplines (e.g., community ecology and metabolomic/toxicology, ecology and phylogenetic, water quality and economy…) are equally considered. Particularly welcomed are studies focusing on marine and freshwater ecosystems.

    Two regular issues of the Advances in Oceanography and Limnology are published each year. In addition, Special Issues and Proceedings that focus on topics that are timely and of interest to a significant number of aquatic scientists are published. From 2010 to 2014, previous issues of the AIOL Journal have been published by 1987 Honda TRX350 Piston Ring Set - 80.94mm, Manufacturer: Athen.

    This journal does not apply charge for publication to Authors as it is supported by institutional funds.

  • Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia

    The Archives of Italian Urology and Andrology publishes papers dealing with the urological, nephrological and andrological sciences. Original Articles on both clinical and research fields, Reviews, Editorials, Case Reports, Abstracts from papers published elsewhere, Book Reviews, Congress Proceedings can be published.

  • Cardiogenetics

    Cardiogenetics is no longer published by PAGEPress Publications. The journal is continuing in cooperation with

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  • Chest Disease Reports

    Chest Disease Reports is a peer-reviewed international medical journal devoted entirely to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of all conditions of chest-related diseases. These include – but are not limited to –  pulmonology, respiratory medicine, cardiology, thoracic surgery and transplantation, critical care, abdomen and chest disease, and sleep medicine. The primary intent of the Journal will be to rapidly publish clinically relevant information that will directly improve the care of patients. Basic science studies and experimental papers of interest to those treating disorders will also be considered for publication.

  • Emergency Care Journal

    Emergency Care Journal is the official Journal of the Academy of Emergency Medicine and Care (AcEMC). The journal is an international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to improve the quality of care by publishing contributions on acute medical care and related medical specialties. The journal welcomes submissions from international contributors and researchers of all specialties involved in acute medical conditions. Emergency Care Journal publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Opinion Reports, Case Reports, Images in Emergency, Letters to the Editors, Commentaries, Book Reviews, Editorials and other educational information related to the practice, teaching, and environment of emergency medicine. In addition to general topics, ECJ also publishes articles on out-of-hospital emergency medical services, pediatric emergency medicine, injury and disease prevention, health policy and ethics, disaster management, toxicology, and related topics. Although most of published research is clinical, there is also strong interest for basic science research pertinent to emergency medicine, thus including all clinical, diagnostics and therapeutic areas of medicine involved in the emergency care management.

    This journal does not apply charge for publication to Authors as it is fully supported by institutional funds (Academy of Emergency Medicine and Care).

  • European Journal of Translational Myology

    The European Journal of Translational Myology (formerly known as Basic and Applied Myology) is the European reference forum for Translational Myology. The European Journal of Translational Myology is a multifaceted journal studying myology from various perspectives: basic, cellular and molecular, genetic, clinical, and translational proper.

  • Geriatric Care

    Geriatric Care is the official journal of SIGOT (Società Italiana di Geriatria Ospedale e Territorio), it is a recently-launched Open Access journal that seeks to publish high quality, peer-reviewed manuscripts dealing with the Geriatric Care in the different settings including the hospitals, residential services, nursing homes and home-care services for the elderly. The aim of the journal is to stimulate debate and dissemination of knowledge in the geriatric field in order to ameliorate efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of interventions to improve health outcomes of the elderly people. Geriatric Care publishes contributions of epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical assessment, management and treatments of the diseases of the older people, as well as health education and environmental health, hospital-residential-homecare management of the elderly including ethics, social and communication sciences, e-health and health technology assessment. Contributions on innovative topics of biological and genetics research, gender and disparity issues, as well as high-technology supports, i.e. domotics and robotics for the elderly, are welcome. Geriatric Care publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Brief Reports, Case Reports, Statement Reports and Editorials.

    This journal does not apply charge for publication to Authors as it is supported by institutional funds.

  • Health Psychology Research

    Health Psychology Research is no longer published by PAGEPress Publications. The journal is continuing in cooperation with

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  • Healthcare in Low-resource Settings

    Healthcare in Low-resource Settings is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish high quality, outcome-based research conducted in or applicable to low-resource settings. Potential topics of interest are also: comparison of different medical procedures in terms of their effects on the healthcare resources; education of health professionals in rural areas; strategies to formulate effective health policies in those areas, and guidelines targeted specifically to them; advances in healthcare resource management. Healthcare in Low-resource Settings publishes editorials, research articles, reviews (narrative, systematic and meta-analysis), case reports, debate articles, short reports, letters to the Editor, and study protocols. The Journal also publishes thematic issues focusing on a single topic within the scope of the journal. Contextually relevant announcements, book reviews and abstracts from scientific meetings may also be hosted. Every article published in the Journal will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field and decided on by members of the editorial board.

  • Italian Journal of Food Safety

    The Italian Journal of Food Safety (IJFS) is the official journal of the Italian Association of Veterinary Food Hygienists (AIVI). The Journal addresses veterinary food hygienists, specialists in the food industry and other experts offering technical support and advice on food of animal origin. The Italian Journal of Food Safety publishes original research papers concerning food safety and hygiene, animal health, zoonoses and food safety, food safety economics. Reviews, editorials, technical reports, brief notes, conference proceedings, letters to the Editor, and book reviews are also welcome. Every article published in the Journal will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field and selected by members of the Editorial Board.

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  • Journal of Biological Research - Bollettino della Società Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale

    The Journal of Biological Research – Bollettino della Medline until 2001 and Zodiac R0453700 Complete Hardware and O-Ring By Pass Assembly Re since 2014. The Journal of Biological Research – Bollettino della 

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