Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye Turquoise 32 Brand new oz - Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye Turquoise 32 Brand new oz - Leather,,32,FILDYE13P032Z,$21,-,Fiebing's,Turquoise,,Dye,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,oz,/phenobarbital1938071.html $21 Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye - Turquoise, 32 oz Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Leather,,32,FILDYE13P032Z,$21,-,Fiebing's,Turquoise,,Dye,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,oz,/phenobarbital1938071.html $21 Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye - Turquoise, 32 oz Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye Turquoise 32 Brand new oz - Popularity

Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye - Turquoise, 32 oz


Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye - Turquoise, 32 oz

Product description

Fiebing's leather dye is the most recognized penetrating alcohol-based leather dye in the world. An alcohol based, permanent, penetrating leather dye used for the coloring of vegetable tanned or naked finished leather. Dries uniformly and mixes easily with other Fiebing's alcohol dye colors to create interesting middle tones. Also great for coloring gourds. Flammable. Freezable.

Fiebing's FILDYE13P032Z Leather Dye - Turquoise, 32 oz

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