RV Awning Shade Direct sale of manufacturer Complete Kit Beige Tan Desert 8'x20' RV Awning Shade Direct sale of manufacturer Complete Kit Beige Tan Desert 8'x20' $57 RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 8'x20' Beige Desert Tan Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Desert,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Complete,RV,$57,8'x20',Shade,Beige,Tan,entouragepm.com,Kit,Awning,/jellica1938133.html $57 RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 8'x20' Beige Desert Tan Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Desert,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Complete,RV,$57,8'x20',Shade,Beige,Tan,entouragepm.com,Kit,Awning,/jellica1938133.html

RV Awning Shade Direct sale of New item manufacturer Complete Kit Beige Tan Desert 8'x20'

RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 8'x20' Beige Desert Tan


RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 8'x20' Beige Desert Tan

Product description

Shade the majority of the area underneath your awning - the smart amp; simple way! And, create a cool, comfortable and private patio - with the smallest investment of time, effort and money! Our Awning Shades are so popular because they provide a simple, cost effective way to expand your private RV living area. With an Awning Shade in place, your existing patio awning suddenly becomes the foundation for a whole new room. This immediately and dramatically increases your private living area - and you can see out but others can't see in! Slips quickly and easily into your awning's utility slot with the included standard awning light hangers. Grommets are located around all four sides of the shade every 12 inches. Includes GoodLife Distribution Awning Maintenance Manual.

RV Awning Shade Complete Kit 8'x20' Beige Desert Tan

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