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Make Auto Parts Japan Maker New Manufacturing Washer Windshield Reservoir Expans Charlotte Mall

Make Auto Parts Manufacturing Washer Reservoir Windshield Expans


Make Auto Parts Manufacturing Washer Reservoir Windshield Expans

Product description


Make Auto Parts Manufacturing Washer Reservoir Windshield Expansion Tank Assembly For Nissan Titan 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 - NI1288139

Package Includes

Single Washer Fluid Reservoir

Item Specifications

Material - Plastic

Recommended use - OE Replacement

Color - Factory Finish

Product fit - Direct Fit

Location - N/A

Partslink - NI1288139

Replaces OEM number - 289109FD0A

Type - With Pump

Fitment Details

For Nissan Titan 2004 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2005 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2006 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2007 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2008 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2009 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2010 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2011 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2012 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2013 Washer Reservoir

For Nissan Titan 2014 Washer Reservoir


With washer pump, cap, and fluid level sensor port

Make Auto Parts Manufacturing Washer Reservoir Windshield Expans

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