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Big Air Cuda Wakeboard High Max 43% OFF order Tower

Big Air Cuda Wakeboard Tower


Big Air Cuda Wakeboard Tower

Product Description

Why compromise by paying 5,000 to 10,000 for a factory tower when the Cuda gives you a better look and quality?

The Cuda Tower is a radical forward swept design that is one show-stopping universal wakeboard tower. It has all the style you want with a beautiful finish, and universal mounts. The Cuda Tower has a forward sweeping design that is incredibly rigid for a stable pull behind the boat and makes your boat look better than anything else on water.

Tired of hitting your head on low height towers…Not with the Cuda. Standing at about 5 feet tall from mounts to the top of the tower, the average tower height when mounted is approximately 7 feet (with standard 2 feet gunnels). Yeah...that’s right, 7 FEET! This allows you install speakers and biminis without all the clearance issue other towers have.

The Cuda Tower can accommodate any boat between 72" and 103" mounting width, for a truly universal design that will fit almost any boat on the market. The Cuda Tower quickly and easily collapses below windshield height for convenient storage in a standard garage.

  • Fits most boats from 72"-103" wide at mounting points.
    • Always check your internal access to ensure there are no obstructions for installation.
  • Polished "chrome-like" or Gloss Black powder coat finish options
  • Forward swept tower. Mounts at the rear of the boat and sweeps to the front - can be mounted by the windshield if desired
  • Tower stands roughly 5 feet from mounting points with a 12 degree inward taper
  • 26" height above gunnel when collapsed
  • The front to back stance on the Cuda tower is 39"
  • Please note: Wakeboard racks and other accessories are sold separately

Universal Fit with a Factory Look!

Universal reverse forward swept mount boat wakeboard tower Cuda Big Air

  • High quality 6061-T6 aluminum tubing results in a strong tower that is lightweight
  • 2.25" large diameter - flex reducing aluminum tubing
  • Telescoping top section (2.5" diameter) makes installation easy on any boat
  • The Cuda tower can mount on the side or on top of boat gunnels
  • Secure design creates for a silent tower that will not rattle, creak or moan in rough water
  • Designed with finite element analysis structures to reduce tower flexure
  • The Cuda tower collapses in just minutes
  • Mounting hardware and backing plates are included
  • Large aluminum backer plates included to give your hull the support it needs
  • 3 inch diameter single bolt mounts minimizes the amount drilling through your hull
  • Incredibly easy to install (typically 3 to 6 hours) at home or by your Big Air dealer

Big Air Cuda Wakeboard Tower

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