Molding,Bit,$33,/inquartation1937982.html,Chair,Router,Rail,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Chair Rail Popular overseas Molding Router Bit $33 Chair Rail Molding Router Bit Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $33 Chair Rail Molding Router Bit Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Molding,Bit,$33,/inquartation1937982.html,Chair,Router,Rail,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools Chair Rail Popular overseas Molding Router Bit

Popularity Chair Rail Popular overseas Molding Router Bit

Chair Rail Molding Router Bit


Chair Rail Molding Router Bit

Product description

2 flute, carbide-tipped. Great for making chair rail moldings with a table mounted router. Also use for making base caps, cabinetry trim molding, panel molding and picture frames. 1-3/4" Large Diameter. 1-7/8" Carbide Height. 1/2" Shank.

Chair Rail Molding Router Bit

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