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JeniDress Women's Short V-Neck Max 43% OFF Chiffon Prom Crystal Max 87% OFF Beaded Dress

JeniDress Women's Short V-Neck Chiffon Prom Dress Crystal Beaded


JeniDress Women's Short V-Neck Chiffon Prom Dress Crystal Beaded

Product description

Fabric:Chiffon,Tulle SilhouetteA-line Neckline: V-Neck Hemline/Train:Mini Sleeve Length:Sleeveless Embellishments: Crystal Beaded Back DetailsTulle and Crystal Suitable Occasion:Wedding Party, prom, Evening,Cocktail prom, Formal Party, Homecoming Party, Celebrity, etc. NOTICE:Chiffon,Tulle fabric is easy to hook, please hand wash or dry clean. The shooting light and setting of your computer screen may cause slight color mismatches. All products are subject to material objects.

JeniDress Women's Short V-Neck Chiffon Prom Dress Crystal Beaded

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