• The new long-term IUCN strategy on otter conservation has been published!

Leading global otter conservation since 1974

The Otter Specialist Group (OSG) is part of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The aims of the OSG, as set out by the IUCN, are to:

1. Provide leadership for the conservation of all otter species (Lutrinae).
2. Determine and review on a continuing basis the status and needs of otters, and promote the implementation of necessary research, conservation and management programmes by appropriate individuals, organisations and governments.
3. Make known the status and conservation needs of otters, promoting the wise management of otter species.

The Global Otter Conservation Strategy

The new long-term IUCN strategy on otter conservation has been published! Download it here

To view the Strategy as a PDF scrolling two-page spread, in Acrobat go to View > Page Display > Two-page Scrolling view. Much easier to read this way!

An interactive map of OSG Projects around the globe!

Have you ever wondered where we are and what we’re doing there? Wonder no more!

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TRAFFIC Reports 

The wildlife trade is killing otters, not only in Asia but worldwide

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Otter Educational Material

During the years, we have created A LOT of material – in different languages and for all ages – that can be used in many different contexts. 

Discover it here!

African Projects

We have started collaborations with various organizations to help promote awareness and research in this amazing continent!

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OSG Bulletin

The IUCN/SSC OSG Bulletin is a highly regarded refereed scientific journal that lists some of the most important otter publications since 1986.  

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Latest News

Here, you can read the latest relevant global news and documents regarding otters and their conservation.

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All about Otters

Otters are opportunistic carnivorous mammals in the subfamily Lutrinae. There are 13 species of otters.

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Important Documents

Documents that are essential to understand the current and past situation of otter species worldwide

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We Love Otters!

Our book has exceptional photos of all 13 species and testimonials that will inspire and motivate  people to love and help save these fascinating animals.