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8 New Trust color oz Dark Roast Yaupon Tea leaf Lost Pines - loose

8 oz Dark Roast Yaupon Tea (loose leaf) - Lost Pines Yaupon Tea


8 oz Dark Roast Yaupon Tea (loose leaf) - Lost Pines Yaupon Tea

Product description

Dark roasted, wild harvested yaupon yields a jitter-free, energizing brew. Depending on strength, the flavor is anywhere from light, caramelly and buttery to rich, complex, nutty and roasty with a velvety texture. Yaupon is virtually free of tannins so you can steep longer to bring out more flavor without risking the bitterness of regular tea. In strong brews the slight bitterness of theobromine, coveted by lovers of dark chocolate, can be tasted (and felt!). Theobromine is the pleasure molecule that increases feelings of well being, contentment and focus.

8 oz Dark Roast Yaupon Tea (loose leaf) - Lost Pines Yaupon Tea

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