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8 Large Nippon regular agency Max 75% OFF Banana Leaves Wall Leaf Decals Dec Tropical

8 Large Banana Leaves Wall Decals, Tropical Banana Leaf Wall Dec


8 Large Banana Leaves Wall Decals, Tropical Banana Leaf Wall Dec

Product description

Set of 8 large tropical banana leaves wall decals, repositionable, eco-friendly matte fabric wall stickers.

Approximate sizes: 36.5"long by 8.5"w.

2 sheets with 4 banana leaves each, one sheet is reversed.

These are peel and stick, easy to put up.

Great alternative to wallpaper and you can design these banana leaf decals however you like!

We sell these leaves in a smaller size-see separate listing.

Removable and you can reposition easily.

Printed with eco-friendly, water based, odorless inks.

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8 Large Banana Leaves Wall Decals, Tropical Banana Leaf Wall Dec

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