Indoor pools are open, reservations are not required. Outdoor pools are offering three-hour swim sessions, reservations are encouraged.

Register for Summer Programs

Registration is open for Montgomery County Recreation and Montgomery Parks summer activities and programs. To view the Guide and register online, go to

Montgomery Parks, Montgomery County Recreation and CUPF!


COVID-19 Rental Relief Program

$59 million available to help tenants who are behind on rent. The program will provide up to $12,000 or 15 months of assistance to eligible households behind on rent due to COVID-related income loss. Applicants can apply online, see frequently asked questions, and get additional program details at

Apply Online

Información en Español

Featured Programs

Property Taxes

View property tax records to view and/or make payments on-line by credit card or bank account as appropriate.

More Information

Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum wage is set to rise in Montgomery County on July 1. The size of the increase is determined by the number of workers employed by the business.

More Information

MPIA Request

When requesting public records maintained by Montgomery County Government, please reference the contact list and forward your inquiry to the appropriate departmental representative(s). 

More Information

COVID-19 County Employee Information

As an MCG employee, you may have questions about how this will affect you and your workplace. Read the following FAQs carefully to stay informed about the most current workplace policies regarding COVID-19.

More Information

Early Care & Education Initiative

The DHHS Early Care and Education Policy Office serve as a focal point for the early care and education system in Montgomery, to identify gaps, and promote collaboration among County agencies and community partners to ensure a range of services for children from birth to five years old.

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Solicitation Tracker

View the status of a solicitation from issuance to contract execution. Begin by entering a solicitation number or description.

More Information

Open Budget

Provides you with an intuitive way to understand how our budget is structured and get the answers you need.

More Information

Boards, Committees and Commissions

Check out the calendar for all board, committee and commission meetings or currently vacant positions.

More Information

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a residential unit that is either added to an existing one-family dwelling or in a separate accessory structure on the same lot as an existing one-family dwelling. Find more information.

More Information

Montgomery County Update

News and information from Montgomery County Office of Public Information.


See how the County and its departments are performing by exploring performance dashboards and data visualizations.

More Information


The draft Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan was released for public comment on April 15. Learn more about the plan and attend an upcoming community talk using the link below.

More Information

Inspector General Hotline

Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse Related to the County Government, Independent County Agencies, or Montgomery County Funded Educational Systems

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Foster Parents

Raise hope and foster dreams... Become A Foster Parent in Montgomery County!

More Information

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Find out what the County is doing to ensure its programs and services are accessible.

More Information


Find the locations of safe speed and red light cameras, and how to pay a speed camera citation on-line.

More Information

Flash: Bus Rapid Transit

The County’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, operate along US 29 — the busiest transit corridor in Montgomery County.

More Information

Community Guide for Immigrant Residents

The Gilchrist Center is committed to doing everything we can do to ensure that all residents of Montgomery County feel safe and valued.

More Information

County Cable

County Cable Montgomery (CCM) is on Comcast and RCN Ch 6, and Verizon on Ch 30.

More Information

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