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Dormer R45345 64 MP-X Soild 0.7031

Dormer R45345/64 MP-X Soild Carbide Drill, Head Diameter 0.7031"


Dormer R45345/64 MP-X Soild Carbide Drill, Head Diameter 0.7031"

Product description


The Dormer R453 series jobber length drill bit is made from solid carbide with TiAlN coating and has a 140-degree split point for use in general-purpose drilling on ferrous materials, high-temperature alloys, and titanium. Solid carbide is harder than high-speed or cobalt steel, provides longer tool life at higher speeds, and produces close-tolerance holes in hard materials. The titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating provides wear and corrosion resistance in high-speed or heavy feed-rate drilling. A self-centering 140-degree split point penetrates hard material without a pilot hole, and produces smaller chips that reduce clogging compared to a 118-degree point.

This jobber length drill bit has a versatile midrange drilling depth of 5 times its diameter, and is a common choice for general-purpose applications. The round reinforced shank has a larger diameter than the drill bit shaft that provides a stronger hold in a drilling machine than a standard round shank. The drill bit has internal channels that guide coolant through the body to the drill bit tip for high feed rates and speeds and continuous clearing of chips from the cutting edge. To utilize the coolant-through feature, the drilling machine must have a coolant-through spindle. The drill bit conforms to Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) 6537 L standard.

Drill bits are cutting tools used to make holes in a range of materials using machines such as handheld portable drills, machining centers, and lathes. Drill bits come in a variety of lengths and types, the most common of which is the twist drill bit. The round, twisted shaft of the twist drill bit typically has two cutting edges and flutes. The helical twist of the flutes brings chips up and away from the cutting edges and allows for coolant to reach the cutting edges. Jobber length twist drill bits, the most common length of twist drill bit, offer a good compromise of length and reach for the widest range of materials and applications. Mechanic's length twist drill bits (also called maintenance length) are a little shorter than jobber length and less prone to deflection when drilling. Short length twist drill bits (also called stub or screw-machine length) are the shortest and stiffest twist drill bits, helping to reduce the chance of deflection or breakage when drilling. Reduced shank twist drill bits (also called Silver and Deming drill bits) have a shank that is smaller in diameter than its shaft, permitting drilling machines with a 1/4", 1/2", or 3/4" drill chuck to create large holes. Long length twist drill bits (also called taper length) are a little longer than jobber length, allowing for deeper holes and longer reach. Extra-long length twist drill bits (also called extension) are longer than long length twist drill bits for greater reach or for drilling deeper holes.

Dormer Pramet manufactures cutting tools under the following brands: Precision Twist Drill, Dormer, Union Butterfield and Pramet. The company has locations around the world, and provides tools adhering to ANSI, NAS, and DIN standards.

Dormer R45345/64 MP-X Soild Carbide Drill, Head Diameter 0.7031"

NINTE Custom Fit Luxury 3D Covered Waterproof Leather Floor Matsgrey. 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Cat in the Lab: Feline Genomes Fuel Precision Medicine

Biotech has been hitting the usual targets—proteins in disease pathways, mutated genes, and so on. But these targets tend to be discrete and, it must be admitted, relatively stationary. What about moving targets? In agricultural biotechnology, a task akin to hitting a moving target is the engineering of crops that can cope with unpredictable shifts in climate. (Fortunately, agricultural biotech is making use gene editing, which has a higher rate of fire than traditional transgenic techniques.) Disturbingly fluid situations must also be confronted in viral detection, where novel variants loom, as well as in studies of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and in analyses of genomic data sets. PPIs are best understood if proteins aren’t unduly burdened by labels or fastened to substrates. And data sets are most useful if they are free to accumulate all sorts of data—data stored in varied formats, or data reflecting varied biological phenomena. To find out how biotech is tracking the most elusive targets, read the August issue of GEN.

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