$98 Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck Tarp System for Dump Trucks Tools Home Improvement Hardware Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck System Tarp Trucks for Dump Memphis Mall Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck System Tarp Trucks for Dump Memphis Mall Dump,System,Tarp,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Trucks,Hand,Truck,Crank,Aluminium,for,entouragepm.com,Landscape,/Molly1625891.html,$98 Dump,System,Tarp,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Trucks,Hand,Truck,Crank,Aluminium,for,entouragepm.com,Landscape,/Molly1625891.html,$98 $98 Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck Tarp System for Dump Trucks Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Hand Crank Aluminium Mail order Landscape Truck System Tarp Trucks for Dump Memphis Mall

Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck Tarp System for Dump Trucks


Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck Tarp System for Dump Trucks

Product description

1.Hand crank tarp system kit: Durable mounting hardware provided inside, suitable for dump truck body and trailer. Heavy duty vinyl coated tarp or mesh tarp and retention bow can be applied. (sold separately)
2.Folding hand crank with protective rubber handle and strong locking gear detent makes crank handle secured.
3. Detent level locking device to keep tarp from unrolling during transportation.
4.No need drilling or removing roller axles to install heavy duty tarp, tarp can be installed by inserting bolts into brass grommets and roller slot.
5.Anti-sail retention bow can be applied at the rear (sold separately).

Hand Crank Aluminium Landscape Truck Tarp System for Dump Trucks

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