Women's,/Mecoptera322196.html,Drawstring,Elastic,Jogger,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Denim,$22,entouragepm.com,BLENCOT,Straight,Stretch Women's,/Mecoptera322196.html,Drawstring,Elastic,Jogger,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Denim,$22,entouragepm.com,BLENCOT,Straight,Stretch $22 BLENCOT Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Jogger Stretch Elastic Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women BLENCOT 35% OFF Women's Drawstring Straight Stretch Elastic Denim Jogger $22 BLENCOT Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Jogger Stretch Elastic Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women BLENCOT 35% OFF Women's Drawstring Straight Stretch Elastic Denim Jogger

BLENCOT 35% OFF Women's Drawstring Straight Stretch Baltimore Mall Elastic Denim Jogger

BLENCOT Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Jogger Stretch Elastic


BLENCOT Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Jogger Stretch Elastic

Product Description

Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Cotton Jogger Stretch Wide Leg Pants Elastic Waist Pull On

  • Womens Casual Loose Long Denim Pants made of good fabric, soft and comfortable to wear. Designed with elastic drawstring waistband, makes your legs pretty with this loose style.
  • Match: This cotton leg pants for women would be perfect with slim tanks, shirts, coats, kimono and so on for a pretty look!
  • Main Features: Denim Like Print/ Full Length/ High Elastic Waistband Joggers/ Front Tie/ Side Pockets/ Casual Loose Jeans/ Solid Color
  • Garment Care: Recommended Washing By Hand Or Gentle Machine Wash with Cold Water. No Blench, Hang Dry or Flat Dry
Women's Drawstring Pull On Straight Denim Cotton Jogger Stretch Elastic Waist Wide Leg Pants

  • Brand: BLENCOT
  • Gender: Womens/ Ladies/ Juniors/ Female
  • Color: Pink/ Green/ Blue/ Beige
  • Waist: High Rise Denim Pants
  • Style/Fit: Casual and Loose

BLENCOT Women's Drawstring Straight Denim Jogger Stretch Elastic

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