New England Ropes 3 Sale special price 16in 5mm Sta-Set Various and - Le X Colors New England Ropes 3 Sale special price 16in 5mm Sta-Set Various and - Le X Colors $42 New England Ropes 3/16in (5mm) Sta-Set X - Various Colors and Le Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $42 New England Ropes 3/16in (5mm) Sta-Set X - Various Colors and Le Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness (5mm),$42,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,-,Le,/Godspeed322245.html,Ropes,England,New,and,,X,Sta-Set,Various,3/16in,Colors (5mm),$42,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,-,Le,/Godspeed322245.html,Ropes,England,New,and,,X,Sta-Set,Various,3/16in,Colors

New England Ropes 3 Sale special price 16in 5mm Sta-Set National products Various and - Le X Colors

New England Ropes 3/16in (5mm) Sta-Set X - Various Colors and Le


New England Ropes 3/16in (5mm) Sta-Set X - Various Colors and Le

Product description

Patented parallel core design results in an all polyester rope with 30% less stretch and 20% greater strength than other polyester ropes (size for size).

- Has a parallel core for less stretch
- Covered with spun fiber for better handling
- Constructed of parallel core line, Sta-Set X is spliceable.

- Halyards

Weight: 1.3 lbs/100 Feet or 19.3 grams per meter
Tensile Strength: 1,900 lbs or 860 kg

Check out our variety of colors on our listing page. Match the line color to the job for easy identification while under way.

New England Ropes 3/16in (5mm) Sta-Set X - Various Colors and Le

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