/Bucorvinae1625984.html,$117,Liner,entouragepm.com,W/Bumper,Cargo,WeatherTech,40469SK,Black,PROTCTR,Automotive , Interior Accessories WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Bombing free shipping Liner Bumper Black PROTCTR W $117 WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Liner W/Bumper PROTCTR Black Automotive Interior Accessories WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Bombing free shipping Liner Bumper Black PROTCTR W $117 WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Liner W/Bumper PROTCTR Black Automotive Interior Accessories /Bucorvinae1625984.html,$117,Liner,entouragepm.com,W/Bumper,Cargo,WeatherTech,40469SK,Black,PROTCTR,Automotive , Interior Accessories

WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Bombing free shipping Liner Bumper overseas Black PROTCTR W

WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Liner W/Bumper PROTCTR Black


WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Liner W/Bumper PROTCTR Black

Product description

The WeatherTech Bumper Protector is a great addition to your Cargo Liner to help protect the surface of your vehicle’s bumper from dings and scratches when loading or unloading personal items or pets. The Bumper Protector is made from highly durable vinyl fabric that easily snaps onto your Cargo Liner by stainless, rust resistant snaps. The WeatherTech Bumper Protector comes in two sizes: 30" x 30" and 30" x 40". Bumper Protectors are vehicle specific so the correct size option will be shown for your vehicle. To protect your bumper, simply snap on the Bumper Protector to your Cargo Liner, unravel the Bumper Protector so that it covers your vehicle’s bumper, and when not in use, easily roll up and secure with sewn in Hook and Loop straps to hold the Bumper Protector in place. Item is easily removable for cleaning.

WeatherTech 40469SK Cargo Liner W/Bumper PROTCTR Black

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