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Nike Men's 621077 402 Air Max 2014 Trainers

Your help
gives them

Every life matters.

Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council since 2019
Member of the Malta refugee council

Welcome to MOAS

MOAS is an international humanitarian organisation founded in 2013 in response to the Mediterranean maritime migration phenomenon and is now dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and services to the most vulnerable people around the world. Since our inception, MOAS has reached hundred of thousands of people through our activities.

Our mission

No one should have to risk their life in search of safety: that’s why MOAS provides aid and assistance to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Find out our latest report on child drowning in Bangladesh here.

to help?

Become a fundraising
activist for MOAS.

Take action

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News & Updates

We were at home when the fire broke out. I tried to dress my children and we ran out as soon as possible. The flames were very fast, and they engulfed...

New report from MOAS reveals drowning risk for Rohingya Refugee children prompting calls for more safety support. “I will never forget the horrible moment my son’s best friend ran to tell...

Malta, 14th April 2021. – MOAS is always active in providing assistance and support to Malta's most vulnerable communities, especially during this pandemic, in which isolation and uncertainty have infiltrated...

MOAS Magazine

We are proud to share the first four editions of the MOAS Magazine, in which we celebrate all of MOAS’ achievements and challenges throughout 2017, 2018. 2019 and 2020, highlighting key operational milestones, important events and giving an insight into some of our decisions and reflections on the year.


Where does your money go?

MOAS strives to draw the shortest line possible between funds received and program delivery. To this end, we keep administration costs to a bare minimum.

Our network of fundraisers work around the world to make our mission possible. Without your donations, we could not continue to save lives. If you are interested in supporting this effort, join us.